The Tennessean: “Tennessee Flavors Offers Way to Eat, Drink, Aid Cooking Arts”

A restaurant is only as good as the team in the kitchen. It doesn’t matter how talented the chef is, how steeped in hospitality the waitstaff is or how beautiful the decor. It starts and ends on the cooking line.

That’s why I’m jazzed about an event coming up Tuesday, and why every chef and diner in this city should give Randy Rayburn’s big mug a kiss the next time they see him. (And I say that with profound apologies to both Randy and his wife, Sonata.)

Tennessee Flavors is a food and drink throwdown with more than 75 vendors from across Middle Tennessee. It’s also the big kahuna fundraiser that benefits the culinary arts program of Nashville State Community College, and that’s where Rayburn comes in.

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